Your Riopel garden shed is covered by a roof protected by shingles that will resist to the inclement weather and the Quebec climate. Our confidence is such that we offer a 20-year warranty on the shingles. One of the 13 colors offered for the roof will be a perfect match for your home, your fence, your pool, your balcony or any other element in your backyard.




  • 2 Tones Brown
  • Redwood
  • Antique Slate
  • Oakwood
  • Amber
  • Forest Green
  • Midnight Blue
  • Granite
  • Mole
  • Rustic Cedar
  • Tone Grey
  • Classic Brown
  • Pearl grey
  • Crystal Black
  • Country wood
  • 2 Tones Blacks


Stacked Stone


  • Aspen
  • Smoke Gray
  • Moka
  • Terra
  • Onyx
  • Sand Blend





Numerous options are available with your garden shed so it can satisfy exactly all your needs. You can choose the color of the exterior walls, the roof shingles, the type of door for the garden shed and many more elements. A customized garden shed makes all the difference. Experience the difference of Cabanons Ideal.


* Shingles have a 20-year warranty.